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Support Program for Vulnerable Women

At the convent in downtown Mandalay, the Good Shepherd Sisters (Main Community) started a drop-in and healing center for young women living in difficult circumstances – single mothers, school drop-outs, victims of Cyclone Nargis, streetwalkers, and girls facing abuse or living in fear of trafficking. This center will become an integral part of the Empowerment Center for Women and Children.


Drop-In Center in the Extensin of the Mandaly Convent

Drop-In Center in the Extension of the Mandalay Convent



The drop-in and healing center provides a safe and enriching environment for vulnerable women and children. The center offers vocational training and education for 20 girls. The young women learn about gender equality and human development, take part in inter-religious dialogue, and participate in an income-generation program through the they make in the center and sell to the public.


Sewing at the Good Shepherd Sisters Healing Center

Sewing at the Good Shepherd Sisters Healing Center


The project requires adequate

  • Adequate accommodation for the 20 girls who live in the convent
  • Workshops and equipment, e.g. sewing machines, for the vocational training activities,
  • A shop where the women sell the products to help generate income and secure the sustainability of the program.


PIN helped the Sisters raise the funds for the project – we donated a building extension of the workshop for the vocational training. Further funding is still needed for a handicraft shop and other income generating activities.

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