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Vocational Training Center in Hlaing Thayar

In 2013, People In Need established a working relationship with the Salesian Brothers “Don Bosco” in Myanmar. During the Burmese school holidays in 2013 (March to May) we sponsored a summer workshop for the youth. The workshop in Yangon included English courses, piano and guitar lessons, games, and holiday outings.


The High School will start in the temporary building

Summerworkshop 2013 at the Salesian Center in Yangon


We liked the work of the Salesian Brothers – their focus on street children and vocational training for poor youth – and we got actively involved in the fund-raising for a new vocational training center. The Brothers want to establish a vocational training center for different trades in Hlaing Thayar, a township to the west of Yangon. Here they own a large plot of land for the training center. The planned training center will help 45 – 50 youths between the ages of 18 and 25 receive a basic education and learn a professional trade such as mechanics, welding, engineering, computer technology, or printing. The education will be non-formal and will focus on school drop-outs, street children, and young adults who could not finish school because of poverty or because of discrimination due to race or religion. The large two-story training center (200 feet by 50 feet) will include training facilities, classrooms, study hall, dormitory, offices, and a recreational room.


A Sketch of the New Vocational Training Center

A Sketch of the New Vocational Training Center


Salesian brothers who have been educated in the Philippines, along with external instructors, will provide the training of the boys. The sustainability of the project will be secured by own income and by the congregation.


The Property in Hlaing Thayar

The Property in Hlaing Thayar


With the help of PIN, the Salesian Brothers were able to secure the construction cost for the vocational training center. The building permits for the training center have been issued by the Hlaing Thayar township authority and construction started in July 2014.

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