Legal Notice

People In Need – Gerhard Baumgard Stiftung – is incorporated in Germany as a charitable foundation under German law. The Regierungspräsidium Giessen registered the foundation under AZ II 21.1 – 25d 04/11 -(3) – 30. People In Need is tax-exempt and recognized as a charitable entity by Finanzamt Giessen.

PIN can issue receipts for donors who wish to obtain German tax relief (steuerliche Spendenquittung).


People In Need – Gerhard Baumgard Stiftung
c/o WM Treuhand & Steuerberatungsgesellschaft AG
Kopenhagener Strasse 10
D-65552 Limburg / Germany
Phone: +49 6431 9916-0
Phone: +49 172 660 4403

• Dr. Gerhard Baumgard, Frankfurt
• Wolfgang Müller, Runkel

Copyright of all photos on these pages is with People In Need – Gerhard Baumgard Stiftung – if not noted otherwise.

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